Quantcast 12-28. 1. Tools: REPAIR PROCEDURES.  Continued (e)  Remove  the  module. (f)  Unhook  the  module  extractor  from  the  module. 5.   Handle   all   modules   carefully. 6. Before Installing a module, check the connector for bent or broken pins. Do not install if damaged. 7.   Perform   the   operational   check. Repair  Precautions. CAUTION Static electricity can damage the RCU modules. Ground the RCU and all tools before removing a module.  Use  a  grounded  wrist  strap  when  handling  a  module. CAUTION Steps marked with           must be performed exactly as written. They are critical in maintaining the nuclear hardness of the RCU. Seals must not be damaged. All screws must be torqued to the limits  specified  in  the  replacement  procedures. REPLACEMENT  OF  RCU  COVERS

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